Senior Infants – Room 3

Room 3 have had a very busy start to the year. Ms Murray is our teacher and we have 20 boys and girls in our class. 

In September, we learnt all about ourselves and what makes us special and unique. We discussed our hopes for Senior Infants and what we would like to be when we grow up! We enjoyed learning the song ‘When I Grow Up’ from the Matilda musical and we can’t wait to perform it for an audience. 

We have been learning all about autumn in class. We found out about hedgehogs, squirrels, trees, nuts and leaves. We looked at the interesting life cycles of little acorns and how they turn into big oak trees. In Art, we created autumn trees using our hand prints and made the dots for the leaves using cotton buds. We are really happy with how they turned out! We also painted hedgehogs and cut carefully into the cardboard to make the spikes. 

Every Thursday morning, Room 3 have been lucky enough to have music lessons with Colleen from Music Generation. We have been singing lots of new songs, playing musical games and learning how to play the ukulele. It has been great fun!

In Aistear, we are learning about the Hairdressers. We are having fun pretending to be hairdressers and giving each other beautiful and sometimes crazy hairstyles! 

We enjoyed Literacy Week and we listened to an Oliver Jeffers book everyday, his books are very funny! We enjoyed Buddy Reading with 3rd Class and we loved designing our own book covers. It was great to visit the Book Fair, we spent time looking at all the lovely, interesting books!

During Friendship Week, we discussed what makes a good friend and how to be kind to each other. It was fun playing Friendship games on yard with the older children- we worked on our sharing and turn taking skills. In art, we designed little people, who were holding hands and made a beautiful display using our hand prints. 

In October, Room 3 visited Tallaght Civic Theatre to watch the show “BigKidLittleKid” by Anna Newell. 

We were enthralled by the beautiful music and the unique performance. BigKidLittleKid was completely wordless, but that made it easier to understand and more exciting because it was something we had never seen before! Afterwards, the children were invited on stage to join the performers and to play as part of the drama. We jumped over the lines, followed the leader and played with our friends on stage before returning to school.