Gerry’s Adventures

This week in room 4 we had a new friend join our class, his name is Gerry the Giraffe. We are so excited and happy that he is in our class. Every Monday Ms. Duffy picks a house for Gerry to visit. This week Gerry was very lucky to spend 3 night in Kacper’s, Gabriel’s and Marcel’s house, he had so much fun there. Gerry played cards, he sang songs and played the guitar. He was even lucky enough to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Kacper, Gabriel, Marcel and their parents took great care of Gerry. Have a look at his adventures.20171106_170935 20171108_134348 20171108_135319 20171108_135321 20171108_135349 20171108_194512 IMG_3076