2nd Class – Mr. McCarthy

Hi Everyone!

We have been doing lots of work since the beginning of the year in September.
All year the children have been completing a lot of scientific investigations in the classroom and learning to think like scientists.

We have conducted experiments like:

  1. Experimenting with static electricity:

We investigated to find out what the effects of static electricity were on a variety of materials in our class room.

To do this we had to blow up balloons and rub them off of our jumpers as hard as we could. This built up a lot of static electricity which was able to attract things to the balloon. We tried moving pieces of paper and our hair.

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  1. Investigating with floating and sinking

We investigated to find out what objects in our classroom floated and which objects sank. We had to take very careful notes to make sure we recorded exactly which things were able to float.

We tested pencils, erasers, sharpeners, Lego and much more.

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  1. Building our own boats

After investigating floating and sinking we decided to try to build our own boats to try and float as many Lego men as we could. After a lot of trial and error we managed to come up with a perfect design to keep our Lego friends dry.

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