1st Class – Ms. Keane

Ms. Keane’s 1st Class are in Room 16.

We have been doing some experiments for Science Week!

IMG-20181115-WA0000 IMG-20181115-WA0001 IMG-20181115-WA0002 IMG-20181115-WA0003

September has been a busy month in Ms. Keanes First Class. It is a big change going from Senior Infants to First Class but the boys and girls have been excellent in this transition. The boys and girls have been working really hard each and every day. During September we have been talking about myself and my family, looking at what makes us special and unique. In Maths we have been developing our Maths skills focusing on addition and 2D shapes.

We have been investigating using our senses and we have welcomed two very special new members to our classroom – our goldfish. We all put names into a box and we named them Big and Lola. These fish only swim when they are in a quiet classroom, they do not like any loud noises. In Room 16 we are working so hard to not upset our fish friends. Overall it has been fun and games in Room 16. We are keeping up the good work.

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