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Dear families,


We are happy to be back in school at last and to have so many returning students and teachers. We are delighted to welcome a number of new teachers and SNAs and over 60 new children. We now have a staff of 30 and almost 300 children.

School is different but we have got into new routines very quickly. Children are hand sanitizing and washing their hands throughout the day. Parents are wearing face coverings while on school grounds and they are not entering the school without appointments.

We are not using schoolbags at the moment and homework has been put on hold for the time being. Please be patient with regard to morning and afterschool routines. We realise that you may have to wait longer and there may be some delays, but it is very important that we stay safe.

We will be communicating through email and Aladdin Connect so it is crucial that you have a current email and that we have it on file. These will be the primary methods of communication over the next term. Aladdin connect is an app which you can download for your phone. Please note that some emails have been sent to spam and unsubscribed.

We look forward to a busy term and we wish you all good health.

Kind regards,

Stacey McAuley